Greeks leave their family home after 30

The average age for a young Greek person to leave their family house is four years later compared to the rest of Europe, as shown in Eurostat's data for 2022. 

On average in Greece, young people leave their parents' home at 30.7 years old. The rest of Europe's average is 26.4 years old.

According to Eurostat's data for 2022, the highest average for young persons to leave their family home was in Croatia (33.4 y/o), Slovakia (30.8 y/o), Greece (30.7 y/o), Bulgaria and Spain (both 30.3 y/o), Malta (30.1 y/o) and Italy (30.0 y/o). 

On the other side of the spectrum with the lowest average ages, all under 23 years old, was Finland (21.3 y/o), Sweden (21.4 y/o), Denmark (21.7 y/o), and Estonia (22.7 y/o).

In a period of ten years, the average age of young persons leaving their parents' homes increased in 14 EU countries. 

In 2012, the lowest average...

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