Vučić announced: The prize fund will get higher PHOTO/VIDEO

"This is the characteristic of great champions, because they are born winners, they do not suffer due to defeat but prepare for the next victory instead. There can be no defeat when you win a silver medal, after the world title... Please, girls, smile a little bit more", Vucic said, adding:
"Wherever our people live, in Republika Srpska, Montenegro and the entire territory of the former Yugoslavia. You were not even aware of how proud everyone was of you. We have never had a better sports team, but no one has ever brought us as many medals and successes as women's volleyball," said Vui.
He added that he hopes that the men's volleyball players will also "rise".
Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic said that he expects the national women's volleyball team to bring gold medals from the summer Olympics in Paris and promised financial rewards, pointing out that Paris is of key importance for us.
Speaking at a reception for the women's volleyball team that won silver at the World Championship, Vucic said that he wants the team to qualify for the Olympic Games in Paris. He pledged 100,000 EUR rewards for the Olympic gold and added that if the budget allows, he will double that amount.
"We will raise the prize to 100,000 EUR, and it may happen that we raise it to 200,000 EUR for the gold medal in Paris, should the budget allows it," Vui concluded.

"Tijana, whatever they say, you know that you are better than that Vargas girl, and every man in the country knows it," said Vui.
The captain of the Serbian women's national team thanked the president and the minister for always finding time for them. Maja then presented a sign of attention - Belgian chocolates.
"This is the best gift from Brussels. You beat them all nicely and...

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