Bulgaria: Two People Died in the floods in Tsarevo, Two more are Missing

Two people died in the floods in Tsarevo, the city's mayor told BNT. Two more people are being sought, he added.

Earlier, a search was launched for three people swept away by tidal waves.

It became clear that two of the missing were a woman and her child, who were swept away with their car on a collapsed bridge.

A little later, a man came to the bridge, who was also swept away by a tidal wave. He initially held on to a car, but did not last until help arrived, witnesses said.

The rain has stopped in the southernmost part of the municipality of Tsarevo-Rezovo and Sinemorets. The water from the Veleka River, which came into the Sinemorets region, began to drain. All approaches to the Tsarevo municipal center remain blocked, with the road closed after the town of Primorsko.

The evacuation of tourists who are staying in public buildings and schools is underway. Cars and caravans were swept into the sea.

The regional governor of Burgas, Plamen Yanev, said that a report was received by eyewitnesses on telephone 112 about a car with two people and a pedestrian who were swept away by the rising water on a bridge, and the area is currently being specified. The most difficult situation remains at the "Arapya" campsite, which is under water. The evacuation of people continues there. There are no tourists in distress elsewhere in the municipality, said Plamen Yanev.

The "Oasis" campsite is also under water, as is the village of Kosti in Strandzha. Cars and caravans were swept into the sea. There are no reports of injured people.
The "Arapya" and "Nestinarka" campsites were also submerged by the floods, where people are still being evacuated.

The situation in Lozenets is also complicated. 60 people were evacuated and...

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