"Challenger 2" on fire VIDEO

Posts below the video on social media claim it is the first destroyed British Challenger 2 tank delivered to Ukraine.
"Challenger 2 on fire" can be seen at the very bottom of the video. It's very hard to tell from just a few seconds of footage if this is actually the Challenger 2.
Even if you freeze frame, it's not clear if the machine on fire is a British tank. The reason is that the burning tank is engulfed in flames and only its barrel is clearly visible.
The Twitter account OSINTtechnical, which monitors what is happening on the battlefield in Ukraine, also tweeted that "the first Challenger 2 tank" was destroyed in Ukraine. According to this tweet, the "burning tank" was filmed in the Robotyne area - the site of fierce fighting in recent weeks.
OSINTtechnical as well as other Twitter and Telegram accounts claim that the tank is part of the 82nd Air Assault Brigade.

Destroyed Ukrainian Challenger 2 outside of Robotyne, most likely from the 82nd Air Assault Brigade. pic.twitter.com/KInjnmfs4F

— OSINTtechnical (@Osinttechnical) September 5, 2023

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