The Russians finally destroyed it: After 30 years VIDEO

As the London Guardian writes, the destruction of the Challenger 2 near Robotyne, in the Zaporizhizha region, is the first such incident in the last 30 years in which these tanks have been used in combat, the newspaper reported citing military experts.
Footage from the battlefield that circulated on social media last night shows the destruction of the British Challenger 2.
At the beginning of the clip, filmed from a vehicle involved in the battle, the Challenger 2 with its distinctive barrel is seen engulfed in thick, gray smoke after the incident on the battlefield.
Western sources said today that the tank first hit a Russian mine on Monday, which blew up its rear fuel compartment, immobilizing it. The crew then safely evacuated, but while the armored vehicle was at rest, it was hit by a Lancet drone, the Guardian reports. A typical Challenger 2 crew consists of four, and the tank's ammunition is stored in separate compartments, unlike Russian equivalents, to prevent it from exploding if it takes a direct hit. But in this case, the fuel tank was hit, according to the British newspaper. Not a single Challenger 2 has been lost in combat since it was first deployed in 1994, the Guardian writes. Britain provided 14 tanks to Ukraine earlier this year, and it is not known if they have been widely used on the front line in recent weeks. Britain has 213 remaining Challenger 2 tanks after donating 14 to Ukraine, although MPs were told in March that 157 were available for operations, the Guardian added. The only other country that uses tanks is Oman.
The Ministry of Defense of Great Britain did not deny that the video showed "Challenger 2" and unofficially accepted that one of the British tanks was lost, writes the Guardian.

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