Is Putin facing the fall from power?

Namely, as the British published as exclusive news, the overthrow of the Russian president from power is underway.
As explained by Dr Yuri Felshtinsky, an expert who has been dealing with Russia and its history for decades, and now also with Ukraine, the first two acts of overthrowing Putin from power have already passed, and the third and fourth, which are crucial, are underway.
Dr Felshtinsky states that Chief of Wagner group's death is actually the beginning and that the final phase of the plan is now underway.
According to him, the first act of overthrowing Putin from power took place on June 23 and 24, when the unit Wagner rebelled, while the downing of Prigozhin's plane was the second act. I am sure that we will soon see the third and fourth acts.
Dr. Felshtinsky believes that Putin will not survive as president much longer - perhaps not even until December. Although he is not sure exactly what the third and fourth acts might look like, he recalls the death of Boris Yeltsin, who was succeeded by Putin, and referred to the role of Russia's Federal Security Service (FSB) which could play an important role in the last two acts.
"We are waiting for the outcome in December 2023 - even if Putin does not resign, it will be interesting to see if he will try to run for president in 2024," said Dr Felshtinsky. He adds that Putin's image has changed.
"Until June 24, everyone believed that he was very powerful and that he controlled everything, that he was very strong and that he was a dictator. After that, it became clear to everyone that it was not quite like that. It is now evident that there are some powerful forces that Putin no longer controls."
Also, Felshtinsky believes that the FSB is now in full control...

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