Vučić: The problems are piling up

At the very beginning, Vui congratulated Serbian basketball players for reaching the finals of the World Championship in Manila.
After the good news, he referred to the dialogue between Belgrade and Pristina, and said that he would travel to Brussels on Wednesday or Thursday for talks with the Pristina delegation.
Vui pointed out that dialogue is very important for us, but that problems are piling up.
"That is the only way to solve problems, and problems are piling up. The day after the NATO Secretary General said that he expects significant consultations for any actions of the KBS that could affect security in Kosovo, Kosovo police officers entered the Lola factory. There is no one there, but it was another way to prove that their power has no limits," said Vui.
As he said, they continued to arrest Serbs for some old crimes. According to him, 401 attacks have taken place since Kurti took over power. There were 15 attacks on children and attempts to prevent the health system from functioning. There were also attacks on religious buildings, and there were a total of 41 escalating attacks directed by Kurti.
He also stated that in the meantime we have shown good will and talked with the Serbs regarding the Kosovo elections. However, the President of Serbia pointed out that there are no negotiations or talks for the Serbs to leave their homes. He also said that there is a lack of supplies in the health institutions of Kosovo and Metohija, and he pointed out that Albin Kurti's system does not deal with anything else but the mistreatment of Serbs.
"I don't have to explain to anyone that our hands are pretty much tied, but that we continue to find a solution in a peaceful way," he said.

He reminded that Blinken condemned...

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