Copernicus: Rain reached 800 mm in some areas of Greece

Floodwaters cover the village of Flamouli, as storm Daniel ravaged central Greece, near Trikala. The toll of the floods had by late Thursday reached six dead and several missing persons, while dozens of people remained trapped for many hours on the roofs of houses in villages in Karditsa. [Reuters]

Some areas of Greece received up to 800 millimeters of rain in recent days, more than is usually recorded in a whole year, according to a post by the European Copernicus system on the X platform on Saturday.

Meanwhile, according to the National Observatory of Athens' first estimates, the rainfall brought by the Daniel storm between September 4 and 9 exceeded that of Mediterranean cyclone Ianos in 2020.

Christos Zerefos, emeritus professor of atmospheric physics and member of the Committee on Climate Change, said that due to climate change, storm Daniel had the specifications of a minor cyclone three times stronger than Ianos.

"The climate crisis started in Greece in the 80s, but we didn't realize it then. In that decade, the great heat waves began," he he told Skai TV, noting that in 2023 "we lost the rains and snows of winter and in the summer we had the...

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