Police smashes carjacking gang in northern Greece

File photo.

A gang which stole luxury cars belonging to tourists holidaying in the northern Greek resort region of Halkidiki has been dismantled, police announced Friday.

According to the case filed by the Security Department of Polygyros, the gang was involved in the theft of 19 luxury cars over the last three months at a reported total value of almost €1.2 million. Seven of the cars were traced and returned to their rightful owners, while the rest are believed to have ended up abroad.

Six men, all nationals of North Macedonia, are accused of being members of the ring, of whom three, aged 22, 24 and 37, were arrested. Two other suspects, including the alleged mastermind, have also been identified, while police also believe that another North Macedonian national was also involved.

In its statement, the Hellenic Police said the perpetrators located the vehicles of the...

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