Thirty-five more settlements told to be on alert due to flooding

A tractor is submerged in flood waters, in the aftermath of Storm Daniel, in Megala Kalyvia, Greece, on September 9, 2023. [Giannis Floulis/Reuters]

The residents of 35 villages in central Greece were told to be ready to evacuate on Saturday, as water continued to flood the vast Thessaly Plain where a three-day thunderstorm brought unprecedented amounts of water to the region. 

Civil protection authorities dispatched three messages via the 112 emergency hotline to residents in the settlements of Anagenisi, Melia, Modestos, Prodromos, Glafki, Platykampos, Eleftherio, Dimitra, Neochori, Nammata, Kastri, Kato Amygdali, Rizomylos, Stefanovikio, Armenio, Sotirio, Kokkines, Niki, Achileio, Lofiskos, Kalamaki, Melissa, Alexandrini, Palaeopyrgos, Mesagala, Omolio, Stomio, Kastri Loutro, Kouloura, Kato Rapsani, Tempe, Itea, Gonnoi, Makrychori and Evangelismos, all located in the regions of Larissa and Magnesia, telling them to be on alert. 

Hundreds of people remained trapped in their homes or on high ground in Thessaly,...

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