PM Denkov: Russian Priests were Not Expelled, only People who Worked Against the National Interests of Bulgaria

Nikolai Denkov

"Russian priests were not expelled, people who worked against the national interests of Bulgaria were expelled." This is how Prime Minister Nikolai Denkov commented on the expulsion of the three priests from Russia and Belarus.

"What is urgent is to open the church so that the believers can enter. Yesterday I had a meeting with representatives of the Holy Synod. I said that everything that is needed by the state, we will do it. I saw the notarial deed issued in 1997. It is yet to be analyzed how the legal issues with ownership stand. As they should be on a reciprocal basis in relation to the Bulgarian Church in Moscow and the Russian Church in Sofia," said Academician Denkov.

"The church must remain open and the organization is done by the Bulgarian Orthodox Church. That is why the patriarch yesterday provided priests who could ensure the church's activities," the prime minister said.

When asked by BNT, does he agree with the criticisms of Gen. Atanas Atanasov to the activity of the State Agency "National Security" regarding the delayed reaction with the expulsion of the clergy, one week after North Macedonia, Denkov replied:

"There is reason in Gen. Atanasov's criticisms. The question of when we should have reacted is open and we will have a conversation with the chairman of SANS."

The prime minister announced that the main topic of conversation at the meeting with the Austrian chancellor on October 4 in Vienna will be Schengen and a conversation about how much Austria loses from the non-entry of Bulgaria and Romania into the area without borders.

"If Vienna wants the external borders to be well protected, there is no reason for Austria to be against our country's entry into...

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