Kirby, who is the coordinator of strategic communications at the National Security Council at the White House, explained that a decision by Congress on additional appropriations is necessary.
In an interview with CNN, he called on lawmakers to hurry up with the allocation of 24 billion dollars, while on the front, according to his claims, favorable conditions for the counteroffensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine remain in effect.
Kirby added that arms deliveries to Ukraine could also be negatively affected by a "shutdown," the suspension of federal government activities because Congress did not approve a full budget for the 2024 financial year or short-term. Such a situation is possible already on October 1.
"When winter comes, it will be difficult for both armies to maneuver and act. That's why we want to supply them (the Armed Forces of Ukraine) with everything necessary, while maintaining favorable conditions on land," Kirby believes.
At the same time, he confirmed that the first batch of U.S. Abrams tanks has arrived in Ukraine, and new deliveries of these vehicles are planned in the coming weeks.
Earlier, almost 30 Republican congressmen in a letter, a copy of which was obtained by the "Wall Street Journal", informed the White House that they reject the request to allocate 24 billion dollars for the needs of Kyiv.
At the end of August, the White House asked Congress for funds that would cover the needs of the federal government during the reconciliation of the entire budget for the 2024 financial year.
The short-term budget is designed to prevent a government shutdown due to depletion of funds. The so-called "shutdown" is possible as early as October 1, when the new financial year begins in the USA. The provisional...

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