Alliances are good, but they are not enough

If there's one important thing we have learned, it is that you don't give up on your friends when they are down. This applies to life, it also applies to international relations. US Senator Bob Menendez is facing serious charges of corruption and everything indicates that, even if he is not forced to resign immediately, he will not be able to be re-elected in 2024. But no one can forget that this American politician fought many battles in Congress for both Greece and Cyprus. His influence and power infuriated Turkey and, as an old and experienced diplomat said, "one Menendez is worth two to three F-35s."

Officials in the Biden administration and the State Department often chafed at Menendez, who held a critical role as chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. Irrespective of developments in his indictment, Greece and Cyprus should not forget or erase this chapter...

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