Banjska road reopened to traffic

BANJSKA - After four days, the road in Banjska, a village in the north of Kosovo-Metohija, was reopened to traffic on Wednesday and Pristina's special police allowed entry to the village, a Tanjug reporter on the ground said.

The so-called Kosovo Police said last night it had completed an operation of checking the area.

Vehicles can enter the village but are not allowed to leave the road.

A police patrol is deployed at the entrance to the village.

Until Wednesday, only locals were allowed to enter the village after undergoing police checks.

A group of Serbs clashed with the so-called Kosovo Police in Banjska early on Sunday.

Four Serbs and one officer of Pristina's police were killed in the clashes.

Eight Serbs have been arrested on suspicion of involvement in the clashes.

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