Bulgaria: Car with 17 Migrants collided with a Taxi in Sofia

A car with 17 migrants collided with a taxi on the Ring Road in the capital's "Dragalevtsi" quarter, the Ministry of Internal Affairs announced. 10 of the migrants were slightly injured and were taken to a hospital by 7 ambulances. They had limb injuries, were dehydrated, exhausted, but no one was seriously injured or died. 4 migrants were taken to the VMA hospital. In Pirogov - two, in ISUL-5, and in the Ministry of Internal Affairs-hospital - two more. The signal was received early this morning - at 5:04 a.m.

The driver of the car with migrants was detained. He is 18 years old and without a driver's license. Earlier, he did not submit to an attempt of police check on the Trakia highway. A chase ensued, which continued along the capital's Ring Road, the Ministry of the Interior announced.

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