Checking 40,000 property sales

The tax administration is launching audits and cross-checking to establish the origin of 462 million euros spent on the all-cash purchase of more than 40,000 properties.

From the day the myProperty online application was launched - i.e. from March 2021 - until the end of August, tens of thousands of purchases and sales of houses, plots and commercial properties were identified, which were carried out with cash.

The Independent Authority for Public Revenue (AADE) is initiating complex cross-checks by retrieving real estate transfer files which have been characterized by tax administration officials as "high-risk," not only for tax evasion, but also for money laundering. In fact, if cases of money laundering are found, the cases will be sent to the competent Authority for Combating Money Laundering from Criminal Activities. Checks will be expanded to buyers as well as...

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