Former PM Borissov rejected the Idea of May 24 replacing March 3 as Bulgaria’s National Holiday

Boyko Borissov

GERB-SDS will not support the change of the national holiday from March 3 to May 24. This was stated by the leader of the party Boyko Borissov, according to whom "holidays in Bulgaria should not be fought over".

"March 3, May 24, the Unification are extremely bright holidays to become a place for argument, discord or politics," Borissov also said.

The leader of GERB-SDS spoke about the lack of support at the beginning of the month, when he said that a referendum could be held on the subject.

At the beginning of the week with editorial changes, the parliament adopted a draft decision to determine rules for consideration of changes to the Constitution. It was discussed in mid-September by the chairman of the parliamentary committee on constitutional issues Radomir Cholakov from GERB-SDS.

This is standard procedure when considering changes to the Basic Law. The draft decision completely overlaps the text from 2014, when the previous opening of the Constitution took place. The inclusion of deliberate rules is done because the Regulations for the organization and activity of the National Assembly stipulate that bills are adopted in two readings. However, the Constitution itself states that changes to the basic law are adopted in three votes.

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