Leptospirosis outbreak on Corfu under investigation


Experts from the National Organization for Public Health (EODY) were on Corfu on Tuesday investigating a possible outbreak of leptospirosis, a bacterial infection most frequently associated with contaminated water.

The EODY team was dispatched to the Ionian island after the local hospital confirmed that several patients have sought treatment for symptoms of the disease and two have died.Both of the patients who died - the first in May and the second last Friday - came from the village of Karousades on the island's northern coast, which is where EODY has focused its investigations.

The experts also advised the island's authorities on what steps need to be taken to curb a possible spread of infections.

In a related development, meanwhile, experts in central Greece have confirmed five cases of leptospirosis and are investigating another 17 in Thessaly, which is...

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