Migrants, girls and poor children more vulnerable to bullying in Greece

[InTime News]

Migrant children, girls, children from poor families and those growing up in single-parent households are more likely to be the victims of bullying, a study by the Smile of the Child charity published on Tuesday has found.

Moreover, one in three children has been the victim of bullying at school and one in six feels that they have not been taught about the ills of bullying others. "Children that bully others are not born that way; they become that way. We have an obligation to be present in children's lives, to listen to their needs and anxieties," notes the study.

It also found that all of the respondents said they would rather call an anonymous hotline to ask for help than reach out to an adult in their lives. Smile of the Child operates a helpline at 1056, which also has a live chat application, while 116111 is the EU helpline for children and teens.


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