Secret document of Ukraine revealed; Betrayal?

Those drones, let's recall, are used by Russia in attacks on Ukrainian territories.
In a 47-page document submitted by the Ukrainian government to the G7 governments in August, Kyiv claims that in the previous three months there have been more than 600 attacks by Russian unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) containing Western technology, London's Guardian reports.
According to a report obtained by the British newspaper, 52 electrical components produced by Western companies were found in the Shahed-131 drone and 57 components in the Shahed-136 model, which has a flight range of 2,000 kilometers and a cruising speed of 180 kilometers per hour.
Five European companies, including a Polish subsidiary of a British multinational company, were named as the original manufacturers of the identified components.
"Among the producers are companies based in the countries of the coalition that imposed sanctions on Russia: the USA, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Germany, Canada, Japan and Poland," the document states.
All the countries that Kyiv marks as producers of parts found in Iranian drones are allies of Ukraine in the fight against Russia, so this information is shocking, to say the least.

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