Teknofest opens its doors in İzmir

Türkiye's largest technology and space festival, Teknofest, opened its doors in the western province of İzmir on Sept. 27, with expectations of attracting millions of participants and featuring hundreds of competing projects in the third and last edition of the event for this year.

Taking place at Çiğli Airport from Sept. 27 to Oct. 1, Teknofest İzmir hosts a diverse array of technology and space-themed events, ranging from technology and entrepreneurship competitions to educational workshops, from exhibitions to a series of concerts.

"The world's largest aerospace, space and technology festival, Teknofest, continues its magnificent journey in İzmir, following its previous successes in Istanbul and Ankara, marking the third and final stop in the celebration of the centenary of the Republic in our country's three major cities. İzmir, the pearl of the Aegean Region, will be the last destination," said a statement published on the organization's official website.

"Teknofest İzmir, embracing millions with the vision of the 'National Technology Movement' for a fully independent Türkiye, will once again elevate the excitement and enthusiasm to the skies."

In addition, Türkiye's domestic air defense products, including Hürkuş, Gökbey, Aksungur, Bayraktar TB2, Akıncı, Atak and Anka, will grace the event with aerial displays. The festival's energy will be further elevated by parachute teams affiliated with the Turkish army and police, showcasing daring jumps.

Teknofest will also organize the Deneyap (try and do) Idea Marathon and Deneyap Makeathon Competition for the first time in İzmir. These competitions aim to enhance the idea development and presentation skills of students who have received training in several workshops. Additionally,...

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