Anglers release fish back to sea to promote sustainable hunt

A group of anglers from the southwestern province of Denizli have returned the fish they caught to the sea in a competition with a unique objective of promoting sustainable fishing practices, preserving aquatic life and raising awareness in the unauthorized hunt.

Participants in this event, hailing from various Turkish cities, cast their lines into the waters, emphasizing the responsible catch-and-release approach. Over the course of the four-day competition, fish measuring below 40 centimeters were exempted from assessment and promptly returned to their aquatic habitats without measurement.

Any fish exceeding this size limit were subjected to measurement and weigh-in procedures for the competition, after which they were released back into their natural environment.

During this event, contestants, along with their families, established camps and spent three nights by the water. Each angler was allowed to dispense a maximum of 25 kilograms of bait to attract fish, which was strategically deposited into the water using remotely controlled small boats or inflatable watercraft, devoid of internal combustion engines.

"We are dedicated to the cause of sustainable fishing. As associations, we also combat illegal fishing activities. We make efforts to instill this hobby in the younger generations," emphasized Mustafa Yalçın, the head of the Denizli Amateur and Recreational Anglers Association.

"Our aim is to encourage fishing within legal limits, with the goal of ensuring fish populations thrive and endure for future generations. The minimum catch size for carp fish, for instance, is set at 40 centimeters. Fish below this threshold do not qualify for the competition, and those surpassing it are rapidly assessed and released back into the...

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