FM highlights principled stance in Middle East

[InTime News]

Greece is in dialogue with Israel and the Arab world and is trustworthy, according to Foreign Minister George Gerapetritis speaking at the 27th Annual Economist Roundtable Discussion in Lagonisi, Attica, on Tuesday. 

"We will always be in favor of the peaceful resolution of disputes," he stressed, adding that "we must ensure the right of states to defend themselves against aggression, within the limit set by international law." 

Indeed, he made it clear that terrorism in any form cannot be accepted by anyone. Greece, he said, condemns all forms of terrorism, violence and inhuman treatment, noting that any form of hostage-taking, to the extent that human beings are used as a means of extortion between states, and that civilians are targeted, cannot exist. 

What's more, he said Greece favors ensuring humanitarian avenues and assistance to all the vulnerable. This...

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