Symphonic tribute to Manço's anthem marks republic’s centennial

Nearly 50 years after Türkiye's iconic musician Barış Manço envisioned a symphonic rendition of his anthem for the Turkish Republic's 100th anniversary, his dream resonated through the melodies of an orchestral symphony late on Oct. 24.

In 1995, during a tour of 15 cities in Japan, Manço - a rock legend, singer, composer and television host - shared his aspiration for the anthem. "The name of our anthem is 2023," he declared at an Osaka concert. "That year, my country, the Turkish Republic, will be 100 years old. That year I will also be 80 years old. I want to come here again in 2023. I want to play this song again in Osaka."

His dream was shared with audiences during another concert, where he mused, "It would be nice if the work was performed symphonically in 2023, the 100th anniversary of our republic. If I am alive, I could take the stage in the arms of my sons. If not, how nice it would be if the work was performed symphonically."

Barış Manço, born on Jan. 2, 1943, in Istanbul, was well-known for his musical genius. After graduating from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Belgium in 1969, he embarked on a prolific career, writing and recording more than 200 songs, some of which reached international acclaim, being translated into multiple languages.

The Senforock orchestra, under the direction of Musa Göçmen, honored the late musician's wishes 24 years after his passing. The performance of the song "2023" took place in an Istanbul square in the Avcılar district.

Alongside the anthem, the orchestra presented 14 more of Manço's compositions.

In a parallel tribute to the republic's centennial, Turkish pop icon Tarkan composed an anthem titled "Sen Rahat Uyu" (Rest Comfortably), dedicating the piece to modern Türkiye...

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