Bulgaria’s PM: The Decision to Stop the Machines was taken in Violation of the Election Code

Nikolai Denkov

"The Central Election Commission's decision was taken in violation of the Election Code". This was stated by Prime Minister Nikolai Denkov in a statement in front of journalists.

He made serious criticisms of the CEC's decision to stop machine voting.

"Today is a day of reflection where we have to decide who we are going to vote for, instead we have to decide again how we are going to vote - by machines or only with paper. This is important because in the last local elections over 650,000 ballots were declared invalid. The ballots from the machines cannot become invalid," Denkov said.

"The deadline for the certification of the machines of the current vote is today at 17:00 p.m. Yesterday the CEC banned the voting by machines. This decision was based only on a report by the State Agency for National Security (SANS), in which observations made in a controlled environment were interpreted manipulatively and suggestions were made, that someone could manipulate the machine vote. These suggestions have no basis," Denkov said.

"Machines are currently playing the role of printers, it is enough to look at the printed receipt to be sure of the vote. The videos and photos in the SANS report are part of a routine procedure by which the report is prepared at the Ministry of e-Government. Within the statutory deadline, the responsible persons and experts were adamant that the machines could be used in the elections tomorrow. The SANS report is in a format that does not comply with legal requirements. It does not have the attributes required by the Classified Information Protection Act. One gets the impression that he is deliberately asking for the requirement for qualified information so that the report can be...

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