Moldova guaranteed the Taraclia District, inhabited by Majority Ethnic Bulgarians, will Preserve its Integrity

The Moldovan district of Taraclia, populated mainly by Bulgarians, will preserve its integrity, which will guarantee the rights of the Bulgarian community there. Vice President Iliana Yotova received this assurance from the Speaker of the Moldovan Parliament, Igor Grosu. The Vice President is visiting Chisinau today.

The authorities in Chisinau declared to Vice President Iliana Yotova that the Bulgarian community in Moldova, which has over 200 years of history, will retain its rights. To de-Russify its national minorities in an effort to reduce the negative effects of the former Soviet Union's aggressive education policy, Moldova supports educational programs that encourage the country's communities to study their mother tongue, history and culture, explained Parliament Speaker Igor Grosu:

"I assure you that Taraclia, where a compact Bulgarian population lives, will maintain its administrative integrity".

This is a guarantee that the Bulgarians in the region will continue to study their mother tongue, stressed Vice President Iliyana Yotova:

"Today's assurance - for me, this is the main news - that the compactness of the Taraclia district will be preserved, means that this is a guarantee to continue studying the Bulgarian language, as it should be, because, you know, the moment the language disappears, many soon after leave, and the community disintegrates."

The Gregory Tsamblak State University is about to become a branch of the "Angel Kanchev" University of Ruse. For this purpose, Moldova needs to change its legislation.

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