A step in the right direction

The government announced new tax measures for the self-employed on Tuesday with the aim of cracking down on tax evasion, which is estimated to exceed 10 billion euros per year. However, any salaried employee who reads the new measures will realize, again, that the self-employed remain, even after these announcements, the favorites of every centrist government, which sees them as potential voters.

As is well known, in recent years 70% of the approximately 450,000 self-employed have declared an annual income of less than 10,000 euros - roughly the same as a salaried employee receiving the minimum wage. The government has finally decided that this flagrant tax evasion and gross injustice to the salaried employees - who, it should be noted, pay the biggest part of the tax revenue - must end. 

But instead of finding ways to pressure tax-dodging entrepreneurs - with...

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