Greece has most mammography units in EU


Greece has the highest availability of mammography units in the European Union, new data from Eurostat has shown.

In 2021, Greece had 7.1 and Cyprus 5.9 machines per 100,000 female inhabitants aged 50-69 years.

The rate of mammography units, which are designed exclusively for taking mammograms, was also high in Belgium (3.6), Italy (3.4) and Croatia (3.3).

By contrast, the lowest availability was observed in Germany (0.5 units), France (0.7), Romania (0.9), and Poland (1.0), followed by Luxembourg, the Czech Republic and Estonia (all with 1.1 units).

The largest increases between 2011 and 2021 in the availability of mammography units per 100,000 inhabitants were recorded in Greece (+1.6 units), Cyprus and Bulgaria (both +1.2).

By contrast, the availability of these units decreased in 9 out of the 24 EU countries with data available. The largest...

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