The entry of Finland and Sweden into NATO is a mistake; Serbia should...

According to Professor Grtner, Finland is now changing its position as a neutral country and buffer zone to a NATO country.
On the other hand, as he adds, Serbia and Moldova have a self-proclaimed neutrality based on decisions at the state level, and that neutrality can be changed more easily and quickly.
Grtner is one of the authors of the nuclear agreement signed between the European Union, Great Britain, Russia, China, America and Iran, which he himself said is one of the best arms control agreements.
Grtner is also the Chairman of the Advisory Board of the International Peace Institute, and during the past decades he was the head of the teams for the preparation of strategic documents of the Ministry of Defense of Austria. Today, when numerous wars are being fought in the world, and the threat of a nuclear war is growing, Gertner said in an interview with RTS that there are not many militarily neutral countries left in Europe.
"Now there aren't that many of them anymore, because Finland is now a member of NATO, and Sweden is just about to become one. This means that the leading European neutral country is now Austria, and there are also Ireland, Malta and Cyprus.
However, although this is the case, lower quantity does not mean lower quality. EU countries that have maintained neutrality now have additional obligations. Those obligations were previously distributed among countries that were, and are no longer, neutral, meaning that there is now a greater burden on to those who remained neutral", Grtner says.
He said he did not mention Serbia because it is not a member of the EU, while talking about Sweden and Finland he said that their neutrality is based on historical experiences and traditions and that is why these countries...

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