Only 10% of fines get paid

A very small percentage, often less than 10%, of fines imposed by the tax authorities are actually collected.

According to data by the Independent Authority for Public Revenue (AADE), in audits carried out by the Large Business Inspection Center since the beginning of the year, taxes and fines of around 190 million euros have been imposed. Of that amount, only €16 million has been collected so far.

Also, the High Wealth Taxpayer Audit Center detected tax evasion of almost €100 million in audits it carried out. The collected amount, however, is limited to €13 million.

In fact, when the auditing authorities look for money in the accounts of the offenders, they find that there is no money and no assets in general. According to reports, the tax administration will start talks with companies such as Revolut in order to request details of Greeks who have accounts....

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