"Four hours pause? Cynical and cruel"

"So, a four-hour ceasefire, so people can breathe and remember what life is like without bombing before we start bombing them again. It's very cynical and cruel," Francesca Albanese told reporters in Adelaide, Australia, AP reports.
She added that 6,000 bombs are dropped on the Gaza Strip every day, and that it is a "small piece of land where people are trapped, and the proportions of the destruction are enormous."
"There will be no return of people after what Israel has done with the Gaza Strip," said the UN rapporteur.
The spokesman for the US National Security Council, John Kirby, announced yesterday that Israel will implement four-hour pauses in fighting in certain areas in the north of the Gaza Strip every day.
Kirby said that announcements about the breaks will be made three hours before they start, and that it is extremely important that humanitarian supplies and aid are extended to areas where people are fleeing.

A "humanitarian pause" of 4 hours has been announced in Gaza. Think of what it may have felt, for the ppl trapped in Gaza, Palestinians & hostages alike, especially the children, to be bombed incessantly night &day for 33 days. Not even a few hours of respite.

— Francesca Albanese, UN Special Rapporteur oPt (@FranceskAlbs) November 9, 2023

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