Setting up a trap? They'll lure them in, and then...

He suggests that the Palestinian militant group may be setting a trap inside Gaza City or using tunnels to move south where they are waiting to launch an attack. Clarke also expressed doubt as to whether Israeli forces had actually broken through to the center of the city.
"It's not clear to me yet whether Hamas is fighting as hard as it can," Clarke says, adding: "I have a feeling that only a few of them are fighting, and that a lot of them have gone south and are just waiting for developments."
Hamas, Clarke further states, could put up a much fiercer resistance than what they have put up so far if they wanted to. "But for some reason, I don't think they want to do that or they're trying to drag the Israelis into Gaza City and get them there before they really show what they can do," the military analyst said.
He also thinks that, at the moment, Hamas "is not fighting as hard as the Israelis expected or in as large a number as they expected".
He is not convinced that Israeli forces have really broken into the heart of Gaza City, as the leadership of the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Tuesday, but that they are still making their way there.
According to him, they are still very cautious and occupy certain areas around the city rather than attack.
"They will break through and then we will see if Hamas has set traps inside Gaza City or if Hamas will use the tunnels just to get out of the way," Clarke concluded, as reported by Sarajevo's N1 portal.

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