Four Cloned Dogs are “Advising” the Radical Candidate for President of Argentina?

I dedicate it to my "children with four paws".

That's how Javier Milei, the unconventional self-described "anarcho-capitalist" libertarian, reacted to his result in Argentina's presidential primary this fall. In the first round, surprisingly, he was only second. However, his "four-legged children" remained the object of attention.

By 2017, the "child" was only one, and his name was Conan; then he died at the age of 13. Soon after, four more suddenly appear: Robert, Murray, Milton, and Lucas.

What they all have in common, apart from all being named after famous economists: they're all clones.

Milei has already appeared in public with the four dogs. "The Original", Conan, he named after one of his closest friends and claimed that the animal saved his life and was with him at times when everyone else abandoned him. He claims to be speaking to him - and to the four "grandchildren" - with a medium. It was through a medium that Milei learned from Conan about his great mission: to become the president of Argentina.

The way he talks about Conan has baffled critics. Juan Luis González, a journalist who wrote a book about him entitled El Loco ("The Crazy One"), recalled comments from an interview with Milei in which he spoke of Conan as if he were still alive: "He's so old that I can't count them." Gonzalez explained that to Milei Conan was indeed "like a son". According to Gonzalez, there may be another Conan who is also cloned - a thesis shared by the New York Times.

He even sees a role for them in his campaign and calls them "the best strategists in the world" who never left him.

"My house is like Kosovo. In two weeks they eat almost four armchairs," said the candidate for...

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