Special Forces of 8 Balkan Countries participated in the International Exercise "Strong Balkan-23”

@Ministry of Defense

Special operations forces formations from eight Balkan countries took part in the international exercise "Strong Balkan - 23" (B-9). The exercise of the special operations forces of the countries of the region took place from October 31 to November 10 on the territory of the Republic of Albania. It is part of the initiative of the chiefs of defense of the Balkan countries for annual joint training.

Military personnel from Albania, Bulgaria, Greece, Romania, the Republic of North Macedonia, Turkey and Montenegro took part, as well as observers from Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The objectives of the exercise are to increase interoperability, train personnel at all levels to plan, conduct and monitor special operations and apply NATO procedures in practice. Standard operating procedures were updated during the process of planning and executing special operations in a multinational environment.

The exercise took place in two parts, and in the first, joint classes on fire, engineering, tactical and parachute training were held. In the second part, the participants were united in a special operations tactical group, which planned and conducted the entire spectrum of special operations according to a scenario created for the exercise.

The participation of the Bulgarian Special Forces in such a format is an important stage of their preparation as well as an opportunity to deepen the joint partnership with the Balkan countries, which is a bet for increasing security and maintaining peace and stability in the Balkans.

The initiative for the multinational joint exercises of the special operations forces of the nine Balkan countries (B-9 CJSE-16) began in 2011 in the framework of a summit meeting of the chiefs of defense of the countries of...

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