Bulgarian PM Offers Compromise on Lukoil Derogation

Nikolai Denkov

Bulgarian Prime Minister Nikolai Denkov has proposed a specific arrangement to GERB regarding the contentious issue of Lukoil's derogation. Denkov suggested, "On March 6, we have a rotation of the government. Until then, let's leave things as they are. The next day, if they want, they can remove the derogation for three days. Then the responsibility will be theirs to do what they want."

Denkov's proposal revolves around the planned change of prime ministers after the first nine months of the government, with Deputy Prime Minister Mariya Gabriel set to assume the role of Prime Minister. This comes amidst ongoing requests from GERB to cancel the derogation for Lukoil, a move that Denkov warns could lead to the shutdown of "Lukoil Neftohim" and a drastic increase in fuel prices.

Addressing recent allegations made by GERB concerning Lukoil's activities, Denkov emphasized that the state has comprehensive control and information about fuel movements until they leave the country. He downplayed the claims, citing an analysis by competent institutions that found no indication of Lukoil violating rules. Denkov also noted that ongoing attacks by GERB on the government's pace of work are unwarranted, stating that comprehensive reports will be provided in the ninth month during the government rotation.

In response to GERB's demand for periodic meetings between government representatives and supporting deputies, Denkov expressed support, acknowledging the difficulties caused by confrontations in parliament. He urged cooperation for the benefit of both institutions and the public's trust.

Denkov also addressed concerns about corruption raised by GERB, cautioning against associating Borissov and his allies with the term "corruption." The prime...

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