Israel to Open Corridor to Evacuate Babies from Gaza

Israel will help evacuate babies from the main hospital in the Gaza Strip and provide a corridor for anyone who wants to leave. Tel Aviv reiterated that it was not attacking the health facility, but acknowledged that there was fighting in its area with fighters from the radical group Hamas.

International organizations claim that health facilities in the Palestinian territory are subject to continuous bombardment. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu again rejected calls for a truce.

Israel continues to shell targets in the Gaza Strip. Fierce fighting is taking place between the Israeli military and Hamas fighters near the largest hospital in the Al-Shifa enclave. According to Tel Aviv, the tunnels under the health facility are being used as a command center by the radical group.

Doctors warn that the situation in the health facility is beyond critical. According to the BBC, at least two premature babies have lost their lives due to lack of adequate medical care. Israel promised today to evacuate 37 babies from Al-Shifa, which they believe are most at risk. Where and how they will be brought out is not yet clear.

The WHO said it had lost contact with its contacts in Al-Shifa and again called for an immediate ceasefire. According to the Gaza Strip Health Ministry, there are still 1,500 patients at the hospital along with 1,500 medical staff and between 15,000 and 20,000 people who have sought refuge there. According to the United Nations, the organization's offices, where there are thousands of civilians, have come under fire. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu reiterated that the goal is for Israel to take control of security in Gaza for an indefinite period of time.

"We will not stop until the mission is accomplished. The war...

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