Lifelong learning lagging in Greece

The participation rate of the adult population (people aged 25 to 54) in educational activities in Greece was only 4% in 2022, below the EU-27 average (14%), according to data analyzed by the Funcas think tank.

The data also showed that Greece lags far behind fellow Southern European countries - Portugal (16%), Italy (11%) and Spain (18%) - but also France (15%) and Germany (10%). There is no comparison with countries such as Sweden, where it reaches 39%. Adult education is seen as essential as it provides people with a tool against unemployment, adapts work qualifications to the needs of the labor market and promotes growth and personal well-being.

With lifelong learning becoming increasingly important due to the rapid evolution of the global labor market and demographic changes, the European Pillar of Social Rights Action Plan sets a target for 2030 of at least 60%...

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