Officers at stadiums to get allowance

The government plans to give an allowance to police officers who are in charge of checks at sports stadiums, as announced by the minister of citizen protection, Giannis Oikonomou, while speaking to Skai Television. 

"Police officers, among other civil servants and officials, will benefit from the increases we will have from January," he said.

"The best that can be done for the Hellenic Police, within the framework of the country's budgetary needs, will be done," he added, noting that the ministry is in advanced discussions with the Ministry of Finance to have an allowance for the police officers who are in the field, for conducting police checks in the stadiums.

"It is something that is fair. They are burdened with a service that is very important, it is a regularity for people who are in the riot police, in other services of the measures. We are in very mature...

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