Deportation Surge: 3,000+ Afghans Sent Back from Turkey in 20 Days!

In a concerning trend, more than 3,000 Afghan nationals have been repatriated to Kabul from Turkey over the past 20 days, marking a significant uptick in deportation efforts, as reported by Afghan news agency Khaama Press. The head of the Ministry of Refugees' Legal Support Directorate shared this information, revealing that the deportees included seven families and seven children.

According to the report, the International Organisation for Migration (IOM) has extended financial aid to 3,083 individuals among the deportees, providing a total sum of 36,996,000 Afghanis. Additionally, 1,402 of the repatriated individuals received healthcare services, and 2,416 people were added to the contact list during this process.

The joint receiving office at Kabul International Airport, managed by the Taliban-led Ministry of Refugees' Affairs and the International Organisation for Migration, faced a temporary closure due to the ongoing government transition in the country.

In response to the acute humanitarian crisis and the aftermath of the Herat earthquake, neighbouring nations, including Iran, Pakistan, and Turkey, have intensified deportation operations. Reports from Khaama Press indicate that a staggering 6,101 Afghan migrants re-entered the country in a single day through the Torkham and Spin Boldak crossings by Saturday, November 11.

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