Pentagon: We carried out an attack

As reported by Sky News, the attack destroyed weapons stored in two targets - a training facility and a safe house, the Pentagon and U.S. officials announced.
Training facility also served as a weapons storage facility, and the safe house, located in the Bulbul district of Mayadin, functioned as the headquarters of groups affiliated with the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps in the area, a US official said, the Sarajevo-based portal reported.
Also, the Pentagon says that personnel affiliated with Iran's Revolutionary Guard were present at the time of the strike and were likely hit, but the Pentagon has not confirmed whether they were killed.
In the last two weeks, the US has carried out three attacks on weapons depots linked to Iran in Syria. It was officially announced that the attacks were in retaliation for more than 50 rocket and drone attacks launched by Iranian-backed militant groups similar to Hamas against US bases in Iraq and Syria.
The groups began attacking US bases on October 17 after an explosion at a hospital in Gaza killed hundreds of civilians.

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