Switzerland gifts centennial composition to Türkiye

Swiss authorities have presented a centennial composition as a gift to Türkiye, which is celebrating the 100th year of its foundation this year, blending traditional Turkish and Swiss melodies.

As Switzerland commissioned renowned Swiss pianist François Lindemann to dedicate a special composition to Türkiye, as a century has passed since both Turkish Republic's establishment on Oct. 29, 1923, and the signing of the Treaty of Lausanne, a pivotal moment in a Swiss city in terms of the international recognition of Türkiye's independence.

The 73-year-old pianist prepared a composition evoking both Swiss and Turkish tunes through his months-long endeavors.

As part of the Türkiye-Switzerland Friendship Concert, the piece, executed by the Turkish Presidential Symphony Orchestra artists, Turkish percussion maestro Okay Temiz and several Swiss musicians, premiered in the capital Ankara on Nov. 13.

The event marked its debut in the presence of Swiss Ambassador to Ankara Jean Daniel Ruch and numerous foreign mission representatives.

"Türkiye and Switzerland have been in close relations since the foundation of the Turkish Republic. We wanted to offer something intangible but at the same time enduring for the 100th anniversary of the republic. Thus, a special composition was composed to symbolize the bonds and long-standing friendship between the two nations," Ruch stated during a press conference preceding the concert.

Cemi'i Can Deliorman, conducting the Presidential Symphony Orchestra at the concert, emphasized the importance of cultural collaborations alongside diplomatic ones.

"Cultural collaborations always lead to the creation of immortal works and the establishment of very strong bonds between the two countries. The...

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