Lion mosaic latest find in Konuralp ancient city

Following the recent Alexander the Great statue that was found in September in the ancient city of Prusias ad Hypium in the Konuralp district of Düzce, where excavations have been ongoing for four years, a lion mosaic was unearthed in a room discovered during the excavations.

The head of a statue, found at the top of the theater and determined to belong to Alexander the Great, King of Macedonia, has been delivered to Konuralp Museum.

A statue of Medusa and a statue of Apollo were also found in the ancient city of Konuralp during previous works.
Within the scope of the recent work carried out by the teams, led by the Konuralp Museum Directorate, the lion mosaic was unearthed in the room located at the top of the ancient city's theater.

The mosaic structure was unearthed in the middle of the theater axis, according to a statement made by the museum. "It was determined that the interior walls of this room structure were covered with marble plates on a thick layer of mortar and that the room had a rectangular plan in the north-south direction. A platform foundation is observed towards the north of the room, towards the interior. It was observed that the entire room was covered with a mosaic floor consisting of white, blue, yellow, green and brown tesserae made with fine workmanship. The edges of the mosaic, decorated with geometric patterns, are made in the form of a frame consisting of larger and colorful tesserae. Artifacts show us that this place was the Dionysus Cult Place," the statement said.

Düzce Mayor Faruk Özlü stated that they encountered a new artifact every day during the excavations in Konuralp, adding, "We discovered a unique mosaic in Türkiye. This mosaic is an important element of the Ancient Theater here that has not...

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