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The worst cold of the season will hit those parts of Europe, bringing a powerful winter storm that will hit the Balkan Peninsula the most, with huge amounts of snow from Romania to Ukraine.
This cold wave is forecast to move towards eastern and central Europe by Saturday and Sunday, spreading further south across the Balkan Peninsula on Sunday and early next week.
Given the colder weather coming from the Arctic, that wave will clash with the much warmer one across the Mediterranean and the Black Sea, so a strong winter storm will hit Greece as well.
It will then rapidly strengthen into a large blizzard in Bulgaria, Romania, Moldova and Ukraine late Saturday and into Sunday.
Severe Weather predicts that about half a meter of snow will fall from Sofia through Bucharest, to Odessa and Kyiv, Ukraine, in about 36 to 48 hours, combined with strong winds around the core of the winter storm.

An Arctic front brings much colder weather into a large part of Europe for the rest of November and develops a winter storm with a snow blizzard in the Balkans.https://t.co/Z6ulveyy1X

— severe-weather.EU (@severeweatherEU) November 23, 2023

As it is further stated, while the forecasted temperatures will remain within the normal range for this time of year in other parts of Europe, significantly colder Arctic air will strengthen in Eastern Europe, and the Balkan Peninsula will be particularly affected during Sunday and Monday, when temperatures are expected to drop below average.
The winter storm will begin to strengthen over the southern Balkan countries, including Albania, North Macedonia, Greece and Bulgaria, on Saturday, with heavy rain at the front and heavy snow on the flanks of that front.
The snow will...

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