Vučić: They will not force us to recognize the independence of the so-called Kosovo

He points out that Serbia will not agree to that.
Vui stated that our country will suffer a lot of pressure, and that it will use and abuse the situation that Serbia has something to lose.
"That's why they put the Albanians under sanctions, which are not that serious, and with that they are actually blackmailing Serbia, because we have something to lose," said Vui.
Commenting on the fact that the Chief of the General Staff of the Serbian Armed Forces, General Milan Mojsilovi, will talk with the KFOR commander about security in Kosovo tomorrow, Vui said that he does not think that the topic of the conversation will be anything more than that, because there is nothing else to talk about.
He pointed out that Serbia is constantly faced not only with double standards, but with recklessly hypocritical behavior.
"KFOR and NATO rightly refer to Resolution 1244 and they draw their mandate from that document, but when you ask them about other norms from that same resolution, they tell us - don't look to the past, but to the future," he said. We, who are not big enough, have to get used to that, he says.
"And to fight for the people and the country within the limits of what is possible. There will be many important talks, each one is important to us, but their essential goal is to force us, in one way or another, to put us in the legal framework, to recognize Kosovo's independence in one way or another", Vucic pointed out.
Vui pointed out that Serbia's position that it does not want to allow the so-called Kosovo's entry into the UN carries with it certain consequences.
"The threats made months ago were not in vain... This will only continue and every day they will say that sanctions have been imposed on Kosovo, so everyone is...

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