A new expressway is being built. Vučić: Finances better than ever PHOTO/VIDEO

"I'm happy that Srem and Mava are getting important communication. Do you know what this means for this region? We just have to start building the road towards Tekeris," said Vui.
He said that they are thinking about launching other different projects, and he was also interested in how the works and preparations for the construction of other high-speed roads in Serbia are progressing.
"We will start working on the road to Tekeri", said Vui and pointed out that this road direction will mean a lot for the daily life of citizens from these parts.
He said that the route he is traveling today must be completed on time. It is said that 90 percent of land expropriation has been completed. He requested that Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina join forces in the issue of railway modernization. "Bijeljina will be reached from Belgrade in an hour and 15 minutes. In order for people to be able to move faster, then Bijeljina will be more connected to Belgrade than to any other city. We will continue to Brcko and Banja Luka. Then, we will have to see about the road for Tuzla and Sarajevo," said Vui.
"I hope that we will manage to open those border crossings as widely as possible," he added. Vui spoke about the state of public finances. "Finances are in a very good condition, better than ever. The public debt rate is lower than in 90 percent of the EU countries. In France it is 120 percent of GDP, in Germany it is 77 percent. That speaks volumes, especially considering the fact that when became Prime Minister back in 2014, the public debt rate was 79 percent, and today it is 51 percent. We have huge liquidity, 5 billion euros in the account," he said.
He pointed out that today Serbia is at a record level as far as employment is concerned and that...

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