Commission approves €3.6 bln Recovery Fund tranche for Greece

The European Commission has preliminarily approved Greece's request for the disbursement of €3.64 billion under the Recovery and Resilience Facility.

Of the €3.64 billion, €1.69 billion comprises grants and €1.95 billion loans.

In May, Greece submitted to the Commission a payment request for grants, based on the achievement of the 39 milestones and three targets selected. On November 22, Greece also submitted a payment request for loans concerning the achievement of one target.

The Commission said Greece had successfully implemented its 39 milestones and 4 targets.

The milestones and targets include a series of reforms to enhance efficiency in public administration, including establishing a multi-level governance system that will streamline the allocation of responsibilities between central, regional and local authorities, and to enhance the fight...

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