Energy efficiency in public buildings may save 40 billion liras

The Energy Ministry estimates that the efficiency projects to be implemented in public buildings have the potential to generate savings up to 40 billion Turkish Liras between 2024 and 2030, which is equivalent to the cost of building a large dam.

The project is expected to result in around 40 percent of energy saving in public buildings, which corresponds to 5.7 billion liras per year, said Energy and Natural Resources Minister Alparslan Bayraktar.

According to the ministry's calculations, some 300,000 tons of oil equivalent (TOE) will be saved and the emission of 1 million tons of carbon dioxide will be prevented annually.

The energy efficiency target in public buildings has been raised from a previous 15 percent to 30 percent, Bayraktar told a group of reporters, adding that they see a potential to increase the savings up to 40 percent.

He said that 15 percent savings target was achieved in 189 public buildings by the end of 2022, noting that they aim to achieve 30 percent energy savings in all public buildings by 2030.

The ministry recently identified the measures to be put into practice and implemented in the "Savings Target and Implementation Guide in Public Buildings."

Measures include installing solar panels on the roofs and parking lots of public buildings, prioritizing electric vehicles in new vehicle procurements, and ensuring that the indoor temperature of buildings is a maximum of 22 degrees in the heating season and at least 24 degrees in the cooling season.

According to the energy efficiency law, public buildings with a total annual energy consumption of over 250 TOE or with a total construction area of ‚Äč‚Äčover 10,000 square meters must appoint an energy manager.

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