Footage shows fragments falling from Hagia Sophia dome

A Turkish newspaper has published video footage showing fragments of building material falling from inside the dome of Hagia Sophia in Istanbul, raising concern about the integrity of the former Orthodox Christian cathedral and the safety of visitors.

Security camera footage obtained by the BirGün newspaper dating from September 2022 shows pieces falling from a height and landing near visitors to the monument.

BirGün quoted officials as saying that "pieces are falling from the roof, due to the humidity created by the crowd, but no precautions are being taken."

Commenting on the footage, Serif Yasar, president of the Turkish Art History Association, said that Hagia Sophia should be restored as soon as possible. "If Hagia Sophia is not restored, it will collapse with the first earthquake."

He said that when Hagia Sophia was a museum, that is, before it...

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