Serbian President: Bulgarians are Resentful because We are More Popular in North Macedonia

Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic told "Pink" television that "Bulgarians" resent Serbia because it is more popular in North Macedonia.

In the interview, Bulgaria was mentioned on a number of topics in the context of relations with its neighbors.

"Relations with Montenegro are a little better than they were before, with Hungary and North Macedonia they are the best in history, and the Bulgarians resent us because we are more popular than them in North Macedonia," said Vucic.

Relations with Albania are "decent" as far as possible, unlike those with Croatia: Belgrade and Zagreb have mirrored each other's expulsion of diplomats after a Serbian was asked to leave Croatia for activities incompatible with his mandate.

Three weeks before the early parliamentary elections, which will also be held locally, Vucic said that in the next ten days, money will be given to every student in a secondary school in Serbia (10,000 dinars is 167 BGN at the current exchange rate).

He also announced that an absolute majority was needed to continue the building of Serbia, and criticized the opposition for not being able to replace him because it could not do even a part of what was achieved by him and that its support was melting. In his words, every vote for a party other than the ruling Serbian Progressive Party (of which he is a co-founder and former chairman) and its "Serbia Must Not Stop" leaflet is a vote for one of the opposition leaders, Dragan Djilas.

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