Turkish astro-photographer awarded for Sun image

A Turkish astro-photographer has secured third place in the solar category of the Astronomy Photographer of the Year Competition, an esteemed event organized by the Royal Observatory of Greenwich in London.

The astronomy photography competition received a total of over 4,000 submissions from 64 countries, establishing its status as the most prestigious event in this field.

The solar category of the "Astronomy Photographer of the Year Contest" is recognized for its higher level of difficulty compared to the remaining categories.

Mehmet Ergün, an astro-photographer who captured images that are imperceptible to the naked human eye using advanced technological equipment, received third-place recognition in this particular category.

A sizable solar flare is visible in Ergün's photograph, which won third place. The photograph was captured using a 500-millimeter lens, accompanied by specialized equipment and filters.

Ergün proudly shared his remarkable accomplishments in the global sphere, stating, "I have garnered numerous triumphs with my photographs on the international stage. This prestigious accolade holds immense significance for me."

The photographer expresses deep gratitude and great joy upon being named one of the global winners in the prestigious Sun category.

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